Steve Simmons (scs_11) wrote,
Steve Simmons

New Furry Language, New Species Discovered

For those of you who haven't attended an Anthrocon:

One of the high points is the fursuiters. These folks dress up head to toe in fur suits and spend their time as foxes, dogs, cats, what-have-you. It's all in good fun, and lots of time interacting with the fursuiters is the high point of your weekend. Since animals don't talk, most of them are accomplished at mimeing what they want.

Last year one of our security staffers ordered 100 migratory animal tags, ostensibly for the Dorsai Irregulars Migratory Animal Tracking study. They were hugely popular, to the point that the fursuiters were following us around begging to be tagged. So this year we did it again:

This year Heathyr Gobeyn was walking around the convention center carrying her tags and looking for likely fursuiters. One of them started stalking her, repeatedly pointing at his ear and then at the tag. Heathyr grinned and started walking towards the hotel. He followed, getting ever more emphatic. Finally he started slapping the back of his wrist insistently and pointing at the ear. Thus we learned a new phrase in furry: "Now, bitch!"

He got his tag.

Later that evening we got some unexpected help on security in the form of a previously undiscovered species. We quickly tracked it down and tagged it so that in the future we'll know what to expect and where:

Whatever this new species is, it clearly has a sense of humor.

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